National Housing Strategy – Left Behind: Social Housing

Nearly 5 years ago, The National Housing Strategy was adopted by the federal government. First announced with great fanfare on 22 November 2017, Canadian Housing Day, it has since been beefed up and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) now describes it as a “10-year, $72+ billion plan” aimed at “entirely eliminating chronic homelessness in Canada as well as removing as many as 530 000 households from housing need.” And in reality? Is the Strategy able to respond to the current housing crises: serious deterioration of the homelessness situation; scarcity of rental housing; sky-high rent; and the rise of phenomena such as ‘renovictions’, evictions and speculation? Will it really be able to “further the realization of the right to adequate housing” as the law adopted in 2019 requires?

Leaflet National Housing Strategy – Left Behind: Social Housing (Spring 2022)

This document have be updated post budget 2022: